Silent Poet

Watching busy worlds, sitting out of time.

About the Book

Watching Busy Worlds, Sitting Out of Time.

A collection of 60 poems covering everything from love (and a lack thereof) and pride, to drunken Austrians and that awful moment when one runs out of tea bags.

The Silent Poet is the first collected works of British writer and public speaker Ben Nunney - bringing together verse spanning a decade of meandering experiences.

About the Author

Ben Nunney was born. In the years that followed, he has gone from student to teacher (to student again), travelled the world, and spends his days "helping people to be as awesome they can be".

Since he first put pen to paper, Ben has filled more notebooks with verse than he cares to count - commenting on life, wanting to grow up, love, wanting to never grow up, food, patriotism, and pride.

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